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Hardscape Design & Installation

Hardscaping can be defined as any permanent structure built for your landscape, including pathways, patios, retaining walls, decorative walls and more. Hardscaping can add continuity and flow between your house and garden and are designed to add function, usefulness, added outdoor living space, and long lasting beauty to your property. Team Sports Turf are your local hardscape design and installation experts, providing top quality hardscaping throughout the cities of West Caldwell, North Caldwell, Caldwell, Roseland, Fairfield, Verona, Montville, Wayne and counties including Essex County, Morris County, Passiac County, and Bergen County.

Paver Driveways and Walkways Add Fuctionality and Beauty


Pavers are a hardscaping material used to create beautiful pathways through your yard, creating a warm and comfortable atmosphere that encourages using the different areas of your perfect yard. Choosing the right pavers for your hardscaped areas can add curb appeal and value to your home. Pathways are both functional and attractive at the same time. There is no need to go with a unappealing gray concrete sidewalk when you can create a unique work of art to serve the same purpose. Our professional pavers will give you a walkway or driveway that will serve you well for years to come.

Decorative Retaining Walls Can Be A Useful Hardscape Addition

5353-m.jpgIn addition to paver walkways and driveways, walls are another hardscape element that contribute to your overall landscaping plan. Whether they are decorative walls that are placed just for sitting or admiring, or retaining walls for hilly areas of your property, stacked stone or brick walls can add both beauty and functionality while creating defined barriers in a way that blends in well with your other hardscape and landscape features.

Patios - A Unique and Practical Hardscape Feature Which Adds Value 

A creatively designed patio is a hardscape element that provides the perfect space for your family to enjoy the beautiful landscape you've created. Parties, barbeques or simply relaxing becomes much more inviting on a well designed and installed patio. Patios often become the focal point of backyard activities, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors by creating a practical and pleasing to relax and have fun.

Get Started Making Your Hardscaping Vision a Reality Today!

Team Sports Turf are specialists in designing and installing affordable, durable, creative hardscapes for homes and businesses. We'll be glad to help you develop your ideas from concept to finished construction. Get started today by calling us at 973-882-1242 or contact us for a free quote using our convenient online form.