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Complete Property Maintenance

Team Sports Turf specializes in complete property maintenance for private homes, subdivisions, apartment complexes, condiminiums and commercial properties such as sports, retail and industrial facilities. We offer a wide array of property maintenance services that will keep the lawn and landscaping looking fresh and well carted for, as well as helping maintain the health of your turfgrass and plant material.

Spring Clean Up

5346-m.jpg Our Spring clean up service helps your lawn and landscape become prepared for the new growing season and also look clean and well manicured. Your lawn will be dethatched and beds will be edged. Existing mulch will be turned or new mulch will be added at your request. All leaves, branches, and debris will be removed.

Weekly Lawn Mowing - Maintenance

By mowing your lawn weekly we ensure that the turfgrass is always looking it's best and can also often detect problems such as lawn diseases and insect infestation before they become an expensive or irreparable problem. Each week Yyur lawn will be cut at the proper height, sidewalks and curbs will be edged, and your driveway and sidewalk will be blown clean of clippings.

Custom Lawn Fertilization Programs

5343-m.jpg Proper nourishment is essential to help your lawn not just survive but to thrive and grow as beautifully as it can. Team Sports Turf’s licensed technicians will analyze your specific type of turfgrass, soil, sunligt and watering condistions, then apply the proper type and amount of fertilizer and weed control to keep your turf healthy and weed free.

Pruning - Tree, Shrub and Hedge Trimming

To complete a fresh and well manicured look, it is important to give attention to your landscaping trees, shrubs and hedges. Additionally, by pruning often, we'll be able to tell if any of the shrubbery, trees or hedges are developing any issues that can be controlled and eliminated, such as diseases or insect problems. Our knowledgeable staff will use proper pruning techniques to keep your shrubs vibrant and healthy.

Fall Leaf Removal

5341-m.jpgBy keeping your property free of leaves and naturally occurring debris during the Fall season, your property will stay looking clean and fresh into Winter and through the holiday season. Fall leaf removal also makes Spring clean up much easier and the two services work together to give your property a consistently well maintained look. Your property will be cleaned of leaves and debris on each visit. Usually 10 – 14 days in between.

Our Property Maintenance Service Area

Our complete property maintenance services are available throughout the West Essex NJ area including the cities of: West Caldwell, North Caldwell, Caldwell, Roseland, Fairfield, Verona, Montville, and Wayne. The counties that we service include: Essex County, Morris County, Passiac County, and Bergen County.

Not sure if we service your area? Just give us a call at 973-882-1242 and we'll be glad to let you know.